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Beate Maier

Connecting the people

Agents create connections between people. An agent needs the feeling for people and the knowledge of the matter. To connect artists is a special challenge, because the best possible cast is crucial for success. A concert programme is worked out in a few days, if the team of soloists cannot find a joint level, there will hardly be any musical highlights.

I will be happy to assist you in the choice of your soloists. I know all the singers on my homepage personally and can offer you either a single soloist or a complete line-up according to your repertoire and budget.

Beate Maier studied at the Musikhochschule Stuttgart (piano, viola, singing) and started at the Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele in 1990. She was head of procution, later on she took over the management of the ensembles and finally she was the head of the complete music department. Out of interest in journalism, she joined the international press agency Zeitenspiegel as managing member.
After the birth of her son, she first took over the management of the Philharmonia Chor Stuttgart before she began working as a agent for the Konzertagentur Esslinger in Stuttgart in 2001.In 2011 she founded the agency maier artists and in 2015 she also took over the concert planning for the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra.